4 Space-Saving Ways To Store Shoes

source: YouTube

My husband is constantly telling me that I have way too many shoes. But as all women know, there is simply no such thing! I will admit that our mudroom and front entryway do get a little crowded with shoes. If you experience a similar situation in your home, check out these four simple, space-saving ways to store your shoes!

1. Repurpose An Old Book Shelf

If you have an old book shelf with adjustable shelves, store your tall boots on the bottom, running shoes and flats in the middle, and high heels on the top shelf.

2. Under-The-Bed Storage

If space is very limited in your home, storing your shoes under the bed is a great option. Simply get a large picture frame (poster size) and organize your shoes on the frame. That way, you can easily slide your shoes out from under the bed when you need them.

3. DIY Shoe Shelf

To make your own shoe shelf on a budget, just cut and stack some PVC pipe! Cheap and easy.

4. Ottoman Storage

If your ottoman has a storage compartment, buy an over-the-door shoe organizer and cut and staple it to the inside of your ottoman. A canvas organizer is your best bet.

To see these great shoe storage solutions in action, click on the video below!