Easy And Healthy Lunch Ideas For Kids And Adults Alike


source: A Mindfull Mom

When I was growing up, processed foods were all the rage. Although my parents tried to feed us healthy foods, there were definitely times that we got tossed Lunchables and other processed snacks for lunch amidst the chaos of their busy schedules. And while eating these types of foods from time to time is okay, it’s not something I want to feed my kids (or myself) on a daily basis. And so, I’ve compiled a list of interchangeable lunch foods to pack for lunch that not only will your kids love, but you will too. Here you go!

source: Cooking Light/Jennifer Causey

The easiest way to plan ahead for lunches is by separating healthy foods into three groups: proteins, grains, and fruits/vegetables. Choose one item from each group per lunch, and you and your kids will have a healthy, well-balanced meal that will actually keep you full. Here are some ideas to work with:


Sliced turkey breast
Grilled chicken
Scrambled or hard-boiled eggs


Whole wheat bread
Whole wheat pita
Quinoa (which is also a protein)
Low-sodium crackers
Rice cakes


Cantaloupe/honeydew melon
Bell peppers
Cherry tomatoes

Here are some simple and tasty ways to combine the foods from each group into well-balanced lunches:

1. Pita with hummus, side of carrots

source: Meal Garden | alamy

2. Egg salad sandwich, side of strawberries

source: Super Healthy Kids

3. Sliced turkey breast, cheese, and crackers, side of cantaloupe

source: The Southern Thing

4. Stir-fry made with rice, tofu, and assorted vegetables

source: pinch of yum

5. Pasta made with grilled chicken and assorted vegetables

source: Cravings of a Lunatic

Kristen of the blog A Mind “Full” Mom follows the same idea and even made a helpful info-graphic that you can print and hang on the fridge. Refer to this chart when making your grocery list, and mix and match those food groups for healthy, wholesome, and delicious lunches!

source: A Mind “Full” Mom

See how easy it is to create nutritious and delicious lunches when all of the options are right in front of you? I used to have such a hard time coming up with ideas until I started using this method when meal planning for the week ahead. Of course, there are many more options to add to each of the three groups besides these ones – but hopefully this gives you a good starting point, and makes packing lunches a little bit easier!