How To Make Your Own Magic Erasers For Just 10 Cents

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A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a cleaning supply that most people probably have under the kitchen sink. They’re awesome little tools for getting rid of dirt, grime, wall scuffs, and more. However, for such a simple little sponge, they’re pretty expensive. Why spend the money on the name-brand version when you can make your own Magic Eraser for only 10 cents?!

source: CNET

Although Magic Erasers seem, well, magical, all they are is a piece of melamine foam with a cleaning agent inside. And it’s actually the melamine that makes them so effective, not the cleaning agent. The best part about melamine is that you can buy it in bulk off sites like eBay and Amazon for super cheap. So buy a pack, and you’re well on your way to making a DIY Magic Eraser.

source: CNET

When you have your melamine sponges, you can make a DIY cleaning solution. Mix together half a cup of warm water, one teaspoon of Borax, and one tablespoon of baking soda. Place one of the melamine sponges in the bowl and let it soak for a minute or two. Squeeze out the excess solution, and you’re ready to start cleaning!

Big brands tend to charge an arm and a leg for extremely simple products. For this reason, making your own is the cheaper (and just as effective!) way to go. Thanks to CNET for sharing this helpful hack!