How To Freshen Up Carpets With A Homemade Cleaning Solution

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If your home has a lot of carpets, you’re probably constantly struggling to keep them clean. Between children, pets, and the business of daily life, our carpets tend to look dirty and worn down very quickly. Professional carpet cleaning services are pricey, but the following hack is far from.

source: Capital Cleaning

To clean your carpets effectively, all you need is one cup of OxiClean, one cup of Febreeze, and one cup of distilled vinegar. Simply pour the contents into a shampooer tub and mix with hot water until completely full. This solution will not only clean your carpets, but it will also deodorize them. The carpet will smell slightly of vinegar until it has completely dried.

Remember, whenever you’re using any solution on a carpet, you should always test a small spot first, just to be safe. However, this solution is supposed to be safe on all types of carpet. Now that you know this cheap and simple cleaning hack, you’ll be able to save a few dollars and make your carpets look new again!

Homemade Carpet ShampooCarpet Shampoo Solution:1 cup oxiclean*1 cup febreeze*1 cup distilled white vinegar*The…

Posted by Tsisia Aivazashvili on Monday, October 29, 2018