Dip Powder Nails Are A Cool And Innovative New Beauty Trend

source: YouTube/cutepolish

Whether you sport fake nails regularly or only get the occasional manicure, it’s fun to keep up with the various nail trends out there. If you consider yourself to be a combination of low-maintenance and a little bit extra, the new trend of “dip powder nails” might just interest you.

According to Glamour, dip powder nails are somewhat of a combination between a regular manicure and fake nails. Instead of using UV rays to seal in your polish job, dip powder nails get their color from a super pigmented powder. After applying a base coat and before applying a sealant, you dip your nails into a powder color of your choosing for a manicure that supposedly lasts three to four weeks.

Apparently, this nail trend is relatively easy to DIY. But if you get this type of manicure done by a salon, you won’t be dipping your nails into a little pot. Glamour reveals that a nail technician paints the powder onto your nails to ensure that everything is as hygienic as possible.

And speaking of salons, many don’t even offer dip powder nails. Ariel Zuniga of the popular nail salon Vanity Projects reveals, “It’s a very cheap product, oftentimes containing MMD, which is extremely harmful to natural nails and banned in NYC.” Yikes!

To sum it up, if you already get fake nails, this method probably won’t damage your natural nails any more than acrylic or gel nails would. However, if you like your natural nails, you might want to stay away from any habits that might harm them.