How To Deal With Spider Crickets In Your Home

source: Discover Magazine Blogs / Flickr

I don’t know about you, but I hate seeing any kind of insect in my home. Why is it so hard for insects to realize that they belong outdoors?! Now that we’re on the topic of bugs that belong outside but seem to think that our houses are their homes, it’s time to talk about the spider cricket.

If you’ve never heard of the spider cricket before, they’re basically exactly what they sound like — a mix between a spider and a cricket. During the late summer and early fall, spider crickets are on the lookout for dark, damp places. Their favorite hiding spots tend to be basements, crawl spaces, sheds, and more.

source: LADbible / Flickr

Spider crickets are a nuisance for a few reasons. Firstly, they love to munch on things like fabric, wood, carpets, plants, and other items found in your house. Secondly, when they feel threatened, they tend to jump directly at the thing that’s scaring them (so if you see a spider cricket, don’t bend down to look too closely at it!). And thirdly, these odd little creatures do, in fact, bite.

Oh, and one more annoying fact about spider crickets? They chirp, just like regular crickets. So when a group of them decides to invade your home, you could be hearing their chatter all night long. As uncomfortable as these pests can make us, coming into our homes isn’t really their fault. They look for environments in our homes that mimic their natural, outdoor environments, and they usually can’t tell the difference.

To keep spider crickets from entering your home this fall, ensure that all cracks and crevices are sealed with caulking. Check window and door screens for rips and tears, and consider getting a dehumidifier for your basement or other damp areas within your home. Spider crickets aren’t the most pleasant of critters, but knowing more about them can help to keep them outside where they belong!