Important Tips Surrounding Safe Power Bar Usage

source: CBS News

Even in homes that do have efficient furnaces, many people still like to have a space heater around for that extra warmth on a cold winter’s day. You probably don’t think much about plugging in a space heater, but after reading this, I’m betting you’ll change your mind.

Because there isn’t always an outlet located in a convenient spot, many people run extension cords to space heaters and plug them into power bars. However, this is extremely unsafe, and doing this accounts for space heaters being the second leading cause of house fires. Here’s why.

Space heaters generate a ton of heat, and the combination of extension cords and power bars aren’t designed to handle the huge amount of wattage that a space heater generates. This is how fires start, and unfortunately they’re not uncommon.

source: CBS News

If you have a space heater and use it often, make sure that you never use an extension cord to plug it into a power bar. Plug it into a traditional outlet that can support the wattage, and be sure that the space heater is far away from bedding, curtains, furniture, and other flammable objects. Never leave a space heater unattended, and never sleep with a space heater running.

Our homes can become quite cold during the winter months, and space heaters are extremely handy to have around. As long as you use yours safely, you can avoid being a part of this shocking house fire statistic.