7 Creative Recipes You Can Make Using A Waffle Iron

source: Averie Cooks

If you’re a serious breakfast food lover, it’s probably not unreasonable to assume you have a waffle iron among your kitchen gadgets. Waffle irons are basically like panini grillers – but for waffles! However, it may surprise you to learn that plain ol’ waffles aren’t the only things waffle irons are good for. Here are seven drool-worthy recipes you can make using a waffle iron.

1. Waffle Iron Churros

source: Serious Eats

Cinnamon and sugar-covered churros served with a decadent chocolate sauce? Say no more.

2. Mac And Cheese Waffles

source: Delish

Can you think of anything more delicious than golden, cripsy mac and cheese bites? This would be the perfect snack for a backyard BBQ or family gathering.

3. Waffle Iron Hash Browns

source: Averie Cooks

Making homemade hash browns has never been easier. Just toss some shredded potatoes in your waffle maker and you’re good to go!

4. Grilled Pepperoni Pizza Waffle Sandwich

source: Dad With A Pan

This recipe combines the three best foods on this planet: sandwiches, pizza, and waffles. I’m sold!

5. Waffle Iron Chicken Quesadillas

Surprisingly enough, this waffle iron chicken quesadilla recipe is pretty healthy. It’s the perfect recipe to whip up on a busy week night.

6. Monte Cristo Waffle Sandwich

source: Foodie Crush

I’m having a really hard time not drooling all over my computer keys right now! This monte cristo waffle sandwich is drizzled with raspberry jam. I know what I’m having for dinner tonight.

7. Mozzarella Stick Waffles

source: Delish

Do mozzarella stick waffles not sound like the perfect game day snack? Serve them up with a side of marinara sauce and your cooking skills will be the talk of the town!