Couple Transforms 200-Square-Foot RV Into A Bright And Modern Tiny Home

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In 2019, Keely Bergeron was just about to finish graduate school for physical therapy. Her husband, Trent, was working from home. The couple were itching to travel, but also wanted to ensure Keely could begin working in order to pay off loans. And so, they decided that Keely would do physical therapy in a multitude of different places while the couple traveled from place to place in an RV they bought and renovated.

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good morning everyone! so over the past week or so, we’ve just about Q U A D R U P L E D our followers, so we figured it was time to reintroduce ourselves! ✨ . . we’re Trent & Keely Bergeron, & in the spring of 2019, we made a big life decision. we decided that after i graduated from physical therapy school, we would ditch the typical lifestyle & travel around the country in a fifth wheel camper that we renovated. the only problem? neither of us had any experience with campers, much less gutting & flipping one 😂 regardless, we bought the ugliest camper we could find, & were weekend warriors for about 6 months until we turned this ugly duckling into a beautiful swan 🖤 now we live in our fifth wheel full time, & living in a 200 sq ft space with each other is the easiest & most fun thing we’ve ever done! . . fun facts about us: * we met in college, specifically at the gym, though I had a crush on Trent for about a year before we officially met 😏 * he’s an LSU fan, while I say ROLL TIDE…it’s the biggest problem in our marriage. * we are both hopelessly addicted to coffee; our keurig is running just about every waking hour of the day☕️ * I’m a pediatric home health physical therapist & Trent is a software salesman who works from home * Trent is a Cajun boy through & through…which means he typically gets stuck with all the cooking 😊 . . so welcome to our page, new followers! we’re so happy to share our space & our journey with you guys, & we hope you enjoy being along for the ride. we have some exciting news to share soon, so stay tuned 🖤

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The couple bought their RV for $20,000 and spent six months (and $5,000) renovating the RV in their free time. “We just decided, ‘Hey, that’ll be a fun, different thing to do,'” Keely said. “And so we just kind of jumped into it and figured it out along the way.”

By December of 2019, the Bergerons were living in the RV full-time along with their dog, Murphy. The end result is a bright, airy, and modern RV that’s as cozy as can be. Let’s take a look!

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I know what you’ve all been thinking…”JoJo, where the heck have you been?! Instagram has been pointless without you!” . . well never fear…after several weeks of being in the shop for pipe/water damage inspection, electrical checkups, slide-out repair, and general maintenance, we are back to grace your instagram feeds once again! and from a new location: T H E B E A C H !! . . before we officially head out to live in JoJo full time for travel therapy, we decided to do a little test run and ring in the New Year in a fun location! We definitely didn’t want to drive all the way across the country for my first assignment only to discover that our camper isn’t habitable 😳 So far so good…everything appears to be running smoothly (knock on wood) and it only took Trent a dozen tries to back in for the very first time 😂 but hey, we’ve parked, we’ve settled, we’ve unpacked, and we are ready to enjoy our first little vacation in JoJo! ❤️ . . one of my NYE resolutions is to be way more consistent with posting on this account… so we’ll be sure to spam you guys with updates throughout our trip to make up for lost time 😜 for now we’re crackin’ cold ones and praying for decent beach weather 🌤 #jojothecamper #rvlife #rvliving #rvfixerupper #fifthwheelliving #fifthwheellife #howidwell #beachtrip #nye2019 #rvpark #perdidokey #firsttripinthebooks #hitchhiker #jojo #vacationtime

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The living room space is tastefully decorated and features clever shelving above the sitting area.

Murphy seems pretty comfortable in his new digs!

There’s also another sitting area that acts as a great reading, lounging, or working space.

White cabinetry makes the kitchen look and feel much bigger than it actually is!

The appliances may be small, but they get the job done!

The washroom features subway tile backsplash and trendy accents.

Hidden behind a sliding door that Keely made herself is the couple’s bedroom.

This space is so charming and cozy – I’m in love!

Although living in an RV can sometimes have its challenges, it definitely involves a whole lot of perks. “We have everything we need, and we get to just kind of pick up and move wherever we want for a fraction of the price,” says Keely.

Great work, Bergerons! Your RV-turned-tiny-home is absolutely adorable. To follow along with Keely and Trent’s journey, you can check out their Instagram – @jojothecamper. They almost have me convinced to make the move to tiny living!