6 Underwear Mistakes To Avoid Making

source: She Finds

Every single one of us begins the everyday process of getting dressed by putting on our undergarments (I hope). And although putting on a pair of undies probably feels like second nature by now, it’s probable that you’re making the following underwear mistakes. Don’t feel bad about it — we didn’t know this information until right now either!

1. Wearing White On White

source: Good Housekeeping

It seems like common sense that you should wear a white bra or underwear when wearing a white top or bottoms. However, wearing white on white will definitely make your undergarments visible. The solution? Wear nude-colored undergarments that match your skin tone when wearing white.

2. Wearing Lace Underwear 24/7

source: So Sew Easy

It’s totally fine to wear lace underwear from time to time, but you should avoid this type of fabric in hot weather. Lace isn’t breathable, so it makes for the perfect breeding ground for bacteria (that causes UTIs and yeast infections). In hot weather, you should stick with cotton underwear.

3. Wearing Thongs 24/7

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There are certain outfits that require you to wear a thong, but you shouldn’t wear them every single day. Thongs are less hygienic than regular underwear and are more prone to transmitting bacteria. If you wear a thong, take it off the second you get home and switch to regular undies for sleeping.

4. You Always Use The Dryer

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When laundering bras and underwear, you should place them on a gentle cycle and in a mesh undergarment bag. After washing them in this manner, always hang your undergarments to dry! Putting them in the dryer will only decrease their lifespan.

5. You Go Too Long Between Bra Washes

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You might not think that your bras need to be washed all that often, but they should really be washed after every three wears (and don’t forget the laundering tips in #4!).

6. You Wear Poor-Fitting Bras

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When buying a new bra, you should always seek the expertise of a professional bra fitter. However, if you remember one bra fitting piece of advice, let it be this: Always start by wearing your bra on the loosest clasp. They are designed to be tightened to the other clasps once the bra stretches out a bit.