10+ Clever Ways To Use Vinegar While Gardening

sources: Recipe Software / Wikimedia Commons

You already know that distilled vinegar has a wide range of uses. From cooking to cleaning, vinegar is one product that everyone should have stored in a cupboard at all times. Did you know, however, that vinegar is also extremely beneficial when it comes to gardening? Here are 11 awesome ways to use vinegar in your garden.

1. Kills Weeds

If you’re looking to get rid of those pesky weeds for once and for all, just spray them down with some vinegar. Not only will the vinegar kill them, but it will also prevent them from returning.

2. Fertilizer

Although weeds will shrivel up when exposed to vinegar, there are certain types of plants that flourish when given a hint of vinegar diluted in water. Hydrangeas, gardenias, and azaleas all respond well to this method.

3. Kills Disease

If your plants are being attacked by disease or fungus, vinegar could help solve the problem. Many people swear that mixing a few tablespoons of vinegar with chamomile tea and spraying the plants in question will help to eliminate these things.

4. Cleans Clay Pots

With repeated use, clay pots can accumulate bacteria and minerals that make them appear dull over time. Just soak your clay pots in some vinegar and water before rinsing them, and they’ll look brand new again!

5. Extends The Life Of Cut Flowers

source: HGTV

To make your freshly cut flowers last longer, add a couple teaspoons of vinegar and sugar into the water you add to your vase. You’ll be able to enjoy your indoor flowers for that much more time.

6. Deters Pests

To keep pests from eating your flowers, spray the edge of your gardens with some vinegar. They hate the smell of vinegar, so they’ll be sure to steer clear of your plants.

7. …Even The Big Ones!

In order to deter bigger critters (including cats!) from ruining your garden without harming them, place some rags soaked in vinegar around the perimeter of your garden. They won’t want to go anywhere near the strong smell.

8. Cleans Gardening Tools

Cleaning your gardening tools with vinegar will not only disinfect them (and prevent future weeds from growing), but it will also remove rust! Just soak your tools in vinegar before rinsing them off.

9. Balances Out Soil

source: The WireCutter / Photo by Michael Hession

Creating balanced soil is key for the success of certain plants. If your soil is lacking in acidity (you have hard water in your neighborhood), add a small amount of vinegar to the water you use to water your plants.

10. Protects Fruit Trees

source: The Moscow Driver & Guide / Photo by Arthur Lookianov

If you have fruit trees in your yard or inside your home, you likely have to deal with pesky fruit flies. To keep them at bay, mix together some vinegar, a hint of sugar, and some liquid dish soap in a container. Use plastic wrap to cover the opening, then poke holes in the plastic. This is the easiest, most effective fruit fly trap out there.

11. Promotes Seed Growth

Certain types of seeds take forever to start growing. To speed up the process, use sandpaper (or another coarse material) to gently rub down the seeds, then soak them in a solution of one part vinegar and four parts warm water. Let them soak overnight, then plant them the next day.