5 Unexpected Uses For Bubble Wrap

source: istockphoto.com

Many of us love popping the bubbles on a sheet of bubble wrap. But aside from being used for this reason and packaging, bubble wrap can actually serve multiple different purposes. So don’t throw away your bubble wrap! Use it for these reasons instead.

1. Steering Wheel Padding

source: Pinterest

If you get stressed, anxious, or agitated while driving, wrap your steering wheel in bubble wrap. When you get stressed, just pop a few bubbles.

2. Drink Insulator

If you don’t have a coozie, wrap your drink in bubble wrap to keep your beverage either warm or cold.

3. Window Insulation

source: Instructables

To keep out drafts during the cooler months, you can insert sheets of bubble wrap into the windows. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing, but it does the job.

4. Fridge Lining

source: Quick and Dirty Tips

To keep your fridge doors insulated and also prevent fruits and veggies from getting bruised, cut bubble wrap to the size of the drawers and use it as a liner.

5. Maintain Shoe Shape

source: eBay

To keep slouchy boots upright and from getting crinkled, stuff them with bubble wrap to help maintain their shape.