Caramel Crescent Snickerdoodles Are So Good That You’ll Make Them Again (and Again!)

source: Yummly / Facebook/Simplemost

Whether it be cheesecake, pie, or something chocolate, everyone has their own favorite dessert. Mine? Why, snickerdoodle cookies, of course! Snickerdoodles are doughy, delicious, and have just a hint of cinnamon to them. So when I discovered a take on snickerdoodles that involve even more dough and caramel, I simply had to share it with you.

If you’ve never had snickerdoodles before you’re in for a treat. Soft, donut-like dough with a cinnamon-sugar topping and filled with gooey caramel? Say no more – I’m in. 

source: Oh, Bite It!

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