This Bundt Cake Recipe Will Change The Way You Eat Breakfast

Bundt cakes are one of the most versatile dessert types out there. In fact, they’re not just desserts! This savory bundt cake recipe would make for the perfect addition to a family breakfast. Let’s get started, shall we?


· 12 eggs

· 250 ml of milk

· 2 cups of shredded cheese

· 2 cups of tater tots

· 1 cup of diced ham

· Diced green onion

· Biscuit dough


1. Crack the eggs and whip them into a soft, evenly viscous solution.

2. Pour in the milk and stir the resulting mixture.

3. Add in the cheese.

4. Throw in the tater tots, ham, and green onion. The tots and onion should be sliced into thin, consistent pieces.

5. Stir the mixture once more until the ingredients in the bowl look evenly distributed.

6. Make some biscuit dough (the pre-made or instant mix varieties are fine), cut it up, and add it to the mixture. Stir once more.

7. Douse your bundt pan with cooking spray and transfer the mixture to the pan.

8. Bake the mixture in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 40-45 minutes. When the cake is ready, the crust should be a golden brown and the interior should be light and moist.

9. Flip the cake out of the pan, place it on a plate, and then it’s ready to be served!

Watch the video below to see this recipe in action.

This recipe is a unique and savory dish that would be perfect for breakfast. If you make it on a Sunday night, you can slice it up and eat it each day of the week for a quick breakfast on-the-go. Sounds good enough for me!