Man Shares Great Bottle Hack For Getting Rid Of Flies

source: Facebook/Kevin Keith

Dealing with flies and other pests is one of the only negatives about summer. Nothing ruins a great day like the buzzing and whining of flies. If you’re having a fly problem in your home or yard, this man’s clever hack will definitely appeal to you.

In a Facebook post, Kevin Keith revealed that he was being overrun by flies. His solution? He cut a water bottle just above where the paper label sits. He placed a piece of banana and a bit of honey inside the bottle. Then, he turned the top upside down and repositioned the top of the bottle. Click on the video below to see how he did this hack, and how many flies ended up in the bottle!

It appears that the flies are attracted to the sweet smell of the banana and honey, so they fly down into the bottle through the upside-down spout. Once at the bottom, they feed on the banana and honey but appear to be unable to climb back out of the bottle. If you’re having a fly problem, this method seems like it’s definitely worth a shot!

*If any bees end up in your bottle, be sure to set them free! Bees are an important part of the global ecosystem, and their numbers are sadly on the decline.*