6 Benefits Of Not Raking Your Leaves This Fall

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When I think of fall, I think of plaid scarves, steaming cups of apple cider, and of course, raking endless piles of leaves. When the trees shed their leaves for the season, we spend hours and hours raking and bagging them. However, did you know that not raking your leaves is actually beneficial for multiple different reasons? Thanks to Return To Now for providing this great information!

1. The Ecosystem

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According to the National Wildlife Federation, a leaf layer several inches deep is a natural thing in any area where trees naturally grow. And when we disturb the leaves, we disturb the ecosystem in general.

2. Wildlife Habitats

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Many animals including salamanders, chipmunks, box turtles, toads, shrews, and earthworms rely on this leaf layer for protection and for food. Leaving the leaves is the best way to protect these critters’ habitats.

3. Natural Fertilizer

source: GrowVeg

When leaves decompose, they add nutrients to the soil and even deter weeds from growing in the spring.

4. Birds And Butterflies

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When we rake and dispose of leaves, we’re also getting rid of butterfly and moth pupae attached to the leaves. This reduces both the butterfly and bird population in your area, as birds rely on caterpillars to feed their babies.

5. Waste

source: Ashland Daily Tidings

It’s no secret that throwing away leaves generates a huge amount of waste. Although some regions offer yard material compost programs, bagging your leaves in plastic and tossing them to the curb is extremely wasteful and damaging to our planet.

6. Pollution

source: Toronto Star / Alamy

Leaf blowers and garbage trucks cause a great deal of pollution. So if you can lessen the need for both of those things by letting leaves compost naturally, you’ll be contributing to a lessening of pollution.