12 BBQ Hacks That Will Have Everyone Calling You ‘Grill Master’

source: Taste of Home

Summertime is all about sun, sand, and of course, barbecuing. Maybe you’re not very confident when it comes to grilling. Or maybe you already consider yourself to be a seasoned grill master. No matter how new or experienced you are to grilling, these genius BBQ hacks will take your food game to the next level.

1. Use Tinfoil To Clean Your Grill

Wire BBQ brushes can be dangerous grill cleaning tools, as they often shed the metal bristles which can then become stuck in your food. Just ball up a piece of aluminum foil and use your tongs to clean the grill instead.

2. Cook Fish On Top Of Lemon

source: The Mother Huddle

Fish is one of the hardest things to barbecue as it always seems to get stuck to the grill. To avoid sticking, flaking, and falling through, simply cook your fish on top of lemon slices. It will also give the dish an amazing flavor.

3. Use Two Skewers, Not One

If you’re in the habit of barbecuing meat on skewers, you’ve probably noticed how they always twist and never stay in the spot you want them to. Just stick an extra skewer in each kebab and they will stay upright and cook more evenly.

4. DIY Smoker

source: Esquire

If you’ve always wanted a meat smoker but only have a barbecue, that’s good enough! Click here to learn how to make a quick and easy DIY meat smoker using your barbecue.

5. The Secret To Juicy Burgers

There’s nothing more disappointing than a dried out burger. To keep your burgers juicy and flavorful, place an ice cube or small amount of butter on top of the burger as soon as you place it on the grill. When the ice or butter melts, it will keep the burger super juicy as it cooks.

6. Spiral Hot Dogs

And if we’re talking about burgers, we’re obviously going to talk about hot dogs! To make spiral hot dogs (which simply look way more cool), click here. They also make it much easier to evenly distribute the condiments.

7. Use A Muffin Tray To Serve Condiments

Speaking of condiments, using a muffin tray to divide and serve them is far easier than carrying each bottle out to your backyard. Plus, it looks much neater and more organized.

8. Use A Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron skillets are truly one of the most versatile cooking dishes. They’re great for barbecuing because you can combine different foods in one convenient spot, and the skillet won’t get ruined by the barbecue.

9. DIY Warming Rack

Most modern barbecues have a warming rack, but this likely isn’t the case if you have a charcoal barbecue. To make your own warming rack, just buy a small, separate rack from any kitchen store and use tin cans to prop it up over the grill.

10. It’s All About The Marinade

A meat’s marinade will make or break how good it tastes. Click here for a list of 12 BBQ marinades to try on chicken, pork, beef, and more.

11. The Perfect Camping Breakfast Sandwich

An experienced grill master knows how to barbecue in less than ideal conditions. Click here to find out how to BBQ a delicious breakfast sandwich while camping without all the luxuries of home.

12. BBQ Desserts

And last but certainly not least, every grill master should know how to make dessert using their barbecue! Click here to learn how to make a delicious s’mores dip using a cast iron skillet and your BBQ.