How To Clean A George Foreman Grill Without Using Any Elbow Grease

source: YouTube/Brandon Campbell Diamond

We have a George Foreman grill, and I can confidently say we have gotten our money’s worth of that thing. My kids love to use it to grill their sandwiches, and we’ve even cooked burgers on it when it’s too cold and snowy to barbecue outside. The only thing I don’t love about our George Foreman? Why, cleaning it, of course!

If you have a George Foreman or other countertop grill, you know all too well how quickly they can become coated in grease and burnt-on food residue. It often feels like no amount of scrubbing can get them truly clean. Thankfully, blogger Judith’s Mama hunted down an awesome, practically effortless method to cleaning a George Foreman grill.

When you’ve finished using your grill, unplug it. Wet three to four pieces of paper towel and wring them out. Unfold them back into a square shape, layer them on top of each other, and place your paper towel square directly on the grill. Close the top, eat up your food, and leave the grill closed for up to an hour.

When the time’s up, simply remove the paper towel, and voila! It does all of the work of removing grease and burnt food, so there’s no need for vigorous scrubbing and potentially damaging the grill. Now that you know this virtually effortless hack, your grill will be sparkling and clean again!