How To Make Banana Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

source: Southern Living/Micah A. Leal

Banana bread is absolutely delicious, and I make it on a semi-regular basis. But do you know what’s even better than banana bread? Banana cake. What’s the difference between banana bread and banana cake, you may ask? Well, banana cake tends to be a little more heavily spiced (think hints of ginger and nutmeg) and has more of a cake-like consistency (due to the sugar and butter). Is anyone else drooling yet?

source: Sweetest Menu

This banana cake recipe from Southern Living is about to become one of your new favorites. This cake is sweet, moist, and slathered in a cream cheese frosting with walnuts. Need I say more?

source: Southern Living/Micah A. Leal

This recipe is extremely easy to whip up, even for all of the non-bakers out there. Five ripe bananas and some other common baking ingredients come together to make the cake itself, while regular old cream cheese is the main ingredient in the frosting. If you have some bananas that are turning brown, or already have brown bananas in your freezer, there’s really no reason not to make this recipe.

source: King Arthur Flour

Need to make something for a bake sale? Office potluck? Family get-together? Everything in between? This recipe has got you covered. Click here for the list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions from Southern Living. Thanks for sharing, guys!