10 Baking Charts That Are Super Handy To Have On-Hand

source: PopSugar/Sheila Gim

Whether you’re an amateur or a pro baker, you’re probably always looking for ways to make your culinary creations come to life more easily. Recipes are useful and all, but there are a ton of handy baking charts out there that will take your baked goods to another level. It definitely wouldn’t be a bad idea to print out these helpful charts and stash them next to your recipe book!

1. Ingredient Conversion Chart

If your recipe is in grams but you only have a simple measuring cup (or vice versa), this ingredient conversion chart makes things that much easier.

2. The Perfect Cake

If you’ve struggled time and time again to make the perfect cake without success, your oven might not be reading accurately. This chart helps to identify how cake should look when baked at specific temperatures.

3. Baking Pan Equivalents

Do you ever feel like you rarely have the same pan a recipe calls for? Know exactly which other pans will be suitable for your dish with this helpful baking pan conversion chart.

4. Gluten-Free Conversion Chart

If you’re not gluten-free yourself, you likely know at least one person who is. Bake them some gluten-free desserts with this chart that highlights popular substitutes for regular wheat flour.

5. Sugar Substitutes

If you discover you’ve run out of sugar halfway through completing a recipe, don’t panic. This chart shows substitutes and amounts for sugar that you probably already have in your pantry.

6. Egg Substitution Chart

Looking to bake something vegan-friendly? No problem! This chart shows the many substitute options for eggs.

7. The Ideal Cookie

Everyone has a different opinion regarding what constitutes the “perfect” cookie. This chart highlights what ingredients make for different cookie styles, so you can pick your favorite type and bake accordingly!

8. Pantry Problems Guide

source: Food Network

If you’re wondering whether your ingredients have gone bad (or other common baking-related questions), this quick and easy guide should answer all of your questions.

9. Know Your Cookie Types

source: Craftsy

As any baked goods enthusiast knows, there are lots of different types of cookies. This chart breaks it down for you.

10. Greek Yoghurt Conversions

If you’re looking to enjoy some guilt-free baked goods, why not sub out fattier ingredients for healthy, protein-filled Greek yoghurt?

Now that you’ve seen these super handy baking charts, print them out and get to the kitchen!