Baby Onesies Are Actually Designed To Help Parents Handle Diaper Catastrophes

source: Rock the Baby Bump

If you have a child, you know all too well the messy diaper days. Newborn babies basically exist to eat, sleep, and poop. And you don’t need me to tell you how often they do the third one of those. Oftentimes, you’ll be left trying to clean up a baby that has somehow managed to get poop all the way up their back and tummy. I know it’s gross – but it’s the plain old truth.

source: BabyCenter

Fortunately, there’s a little-known function of the traditional baby onesie that was designed to help with that issue. Have you ever noticed how most baby onesies have those random-seeming shoulder flaps? While you may think that they’re a design element, they’re actually there to help you slide the baby’s arms out of the onesie, then slide the onesie down towards their legs. Rather than attempting to pull the onesie over the baby’s head, worsening the mess, you can simply slide it down and keep the mess as contained as possible.

source: Making of Mom / iStock

Check out the video below where a mom demonstrates this hack in action with her own baby!

The baby years can be tough, but hacks like these can help make parenting just a little bit easier. Hopefully you’ll remember this tip the next time you’re dealing with a catastrophic diaper situation!