12 Awesome Uses For Cinder Blocks

sources: Funky Junk Interiors / YouTube/Pecan Corner / Fab Everyday

Along with wood pallets and old window frames, cinder blocks are a cheap material that can be used for so many different purposes in your home and garden. Whether you’re super handy or someone new to the DIY world, here are 12 awesome uses for cinder blocks that will transform your indoor and outdoor spaces!

1. Outdoor Bench

source: YouTube/Cottage Life

With just a few basic materials, you can make this great, durable outdoor bench using wood and cinder blocks!

2. Vertical Planter

source: Artsy Pretty Plants

How cool is this modern vertical planter? I love the dark paint they chose, but you could paint the blocks with whatever color you want!

3. Fire Pit

source: Budget 101

With just $40 worth of supplies, you can make this sturdy fire pit for your outdoor spaces.

4. Desk

source: The Merry Thought

I love the industrial vibe of this DIY cinder block desk.

5. Shelves

source: YouTube/Audrie Storme

Why spend money on expensive shelving when you can make your own using wood and cinder blocks?

6. Bed Frame

source: Reddit/u/selphfourgiveness

What’s sturdier than a bed frame made from cinder blocks? Not much!

7. Barbecue Pit


If you love grilling, you’ll love this DIY barbecue pit made using cinder blocks.

8. Plant Bench

source: Fab Everyday

You love your plants – so why not build them their very own plant bench?!

9. Media Stand

source: Sofia Clara

I love the contrast of the industrial media stand made from cinder blocks and the wicker baskets used for storage.

10. Firewood Rack

source: YouTube/Pecan Corner

There’s no need to toss your firewood in a messy pile when you can easily store it in this DIY firewood rack.

11. Compost

source: Backwoods Home Magazine

Separate your compost into different sections using cinder blocks as dividers!

12. Outdoor Chair

source: Funky Junk Interiors

And last but certainly not least, check out this great outdoor chair made from cinder blocks. I love how they filled the spaces using flowers!

Hopefully these awesome ideas for using cinder blocks around your home and garden have given you some great inspiration. Cinder blocks are cheap (and can often be found for free), and it’s always a good feeling when you can create something beautiful and functional without spending a ton of money. Happy DIYing!