12 Awesome Ideas To Make A Fire Pit In Your Garden

source: Garden Thyme with the Creative Gardener / Instructables

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always loved bonfires. There’s just something so special about sitting around a fire with your friends or family, roasting marshmallows, or simply just hanging out in the great outdoors. I’ve always wanted a fire pit in our yard, but the cost of having one custom-built is certainly not cheap. Thankfully, there are lots of great ideas for creating a DIY fire pit – here they are!

1. Simple Stone

source: DIY Network / HGTV

This fire pit was built with interlocking stone for the walls, and some smaller stones for the base.

2. Square Metal Base

source: The Brick House

This is a simple yet modern-looking fire pit idea. Click here for the simple tutorial.

3. Rough Stone Fire Pit

source: YouTube/trails / Flickr

There’s nothing like a rugged stone fire pit to make you feel outdoorsy! Click here for the video tutorial.

4. Concrete Fire Feature

source: DIY Network

I absolutely love this surrounded fire feature! This is so stylish and would match anyone’s outdoor tastes.

5. Concrete Bowl Fire Pit

source: Man Made DIY

How beautiful is this modern concrete bowl-style fire pit? Click here for the tutorial!

6. Wine Barrel Pit

source: Moderustic

You know those old water and wine barrels you find at flea markets and antique shops? Why not turn one into a fire pit? Click here for the creative tutorial.

7. Flower Pot Fire Pit

source: The Fresno Bee

With a little bit of time and effort, you can transform a large, decorative flower pot into a beautiful fire pit. How cool is this idea?!

8. Modern River Rock Fire Pit

source: The Art of Doing Stuff

This DIY fire pit is so gorgeous, it looks like it should cost a TON of money. But it doesn’t! You can find the tutorial here.

9. Propane Fire Pit

source: Cambridge Pavers

Not a fan of the DIY route? You can get a propane fire pit kit here – all you have to do is put the pieces together.

10. Repurposed Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit

source: The Thrifty Couple /  House&Fig

This is so cool. Do you have an old washing machine lying around? If so, repurpose the drum into a fire pit! Click here for the tutorial.

11. Cast Iron Pit

source: Kleinworth & Co.

How great is this DIY fire pit? Can you believe it only took 30 minutes to complete? Click here for the directions.

12. Concrete Fire Columns

source: In My Own Style

So, this tutorial is less of a fire pit and more of a stylish candle pillar, but it was simply too chic not to share.

Hopefully these ideas have given you some inspiration for all of the simple and unique ways you can incorporate a fire pit into your own outdoor space. Happy DIYing!