5 Reasons To Avoid Consuming Canola Oil

source: Food Storage Organizer

I’m sure that many of us have a bottle of canola oil in our pantry at this very second. Canola oil is very popular in cooking, and it’s also used for a ton of other purposes. Although canola oil is marketed as being natural and healthy to consume, the truth is that it’s far from it. Canola oil is frighteningly packed with chemicals, which can lead to the five following health problems.

1. Trans Fats

You don’t need us to tell you that you should avoid foods with trans fats in them. When it goes through the hydrogenation process, canola oil becomes full of trans fats. If you want to decrease your trans fats intake, cut out canola oil!

2. Stunts Growth

Canola oil contains euroric acid, which can be harmful to young children as their bodies are unable to break it down. This can lead to stunted growth.

3. Heart Problems

Another bad thing about euroric acid? It’s extremely fatty, and can lead to artery calcification, inflammation, and heart disease.

4. Kidney And Liver Issues

The scariest thing about canola oil is that it’s jam packed full of GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Foods containing GMOs have been linked to impairing the proper function of the kidney and liver.

5. Other GMO Effects

The list of negative health problems associated with GMOs is an extremely long one. In addition to kidney and liver issues, the GMOs in canola oil can lead to allergies, suppression of the immune system, and even cancer. For these reasons, it’s best to just avoid canola oil altogether!

Thanks to Dr. Axe for sharing this very important information about canola oil.