7 Unexpected Freebies To Ask For During A Flight

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Nowadays, flying is certainly not cheap. Between the ticket itself, extra baggage costs, and airport parking, flying is more of a luxury than a cost-friendly experience. However, there are a few freebies you can receive when it comes to flying — all you have to do is ask! Although not all airlines will provide you with the following items, most of them will be happy to oblige.

1. Snacks

Longer flights usually include at least one meal, but shorter flights tend to only hand out snacks. Once the flight attendants have made their snack rounds, if you ask for an extra snack, most flight attendants will be happy to give you one free of charge.

2. Drinks

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In addition to providing snacks, many airlines will provide free drinks. On international flights, it’s not uncommon to receive free alcoholic beverages, too!

3. Cleansing Wipes

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Airplanes are notorious for germs, and most flight attendants will give you free antibacterial wipes if you simply ask. That way, you can wipe down your armrests and tray table to avoid getting sick while traveling.

4. Minor First-Aid Supplies

If you have a pounding headache and need a pain reliever, most airlines will have a basic first-aid kit on board. Other supplies you can generally ask for include ice packs, bandaids, and nausea medicine.

5. Child Monitoring

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If you’re traveling alone with a young child and need to use the restroom, don’t hesitate to ask a flight attendant to watch them while you make a quick trip to the loo. If it’s a relatively quiet flight, some flight attendants may even offer to occupy your child for longer periods of time if you need a break.

6. Entertainment

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Although most airlines will announce this at the beginning of your flight, you can even listen to free XM radio and watch a whole host of movies and TV shows. If you’re unsure of your free entertainment options, just ask a flight attendant.

7. Extras

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Depending on the airline and length of flight, you may be eligible to receive free amenities like a sleeping mask, slippers, blanket, earplugs, and more. These types of amenities are common on international and overnight flights.