White kitchens don’t have to be boring – remodel your cooking space following these pieces of advice


Let’s get into the question all homeowners with white kitchens have – How do I make my cooking space look less boring? Is there something that could make it more welcoming and warmer? 

White kitchens are beautiful because they offer the impression of freshness and cleanliness. Designers have always rendered them as the classical option that will stand the test of time. But let’s be honest; they can also look sterile, bland, and boring. White walls, countertops, cabinets, and open shelving can look unwelcoming if you leave decorations out of the room.

Assuming you want to remodel your cooking space to look like a well-rounded room, you need to research and learn some design tips. Like any other design, white kitchens can be done right, but you must understand how to execute them properly. 

This article presents a couple of strategic design hacks that should transform your room into an inspiring and dynamic space where everyone loves to spend time. 

Pick the right white

How many whites are there? Only check Pantone, and you’ll find out that there are countless types of whites. Whites aren’t created equally, and according to your house’s interiors and design style, only some of them would fit. The first step in designing a white kitchen that invites people in is to nail the right tone of white. Considering that you’re not an interior designer, the process will be a little trial and error. Whether you want to do a full white kitchen or only the furniture, it’s crucial to test multiple white shades to identify the one that matches your space best. 

Depending on the house’s looks, the perfect white hue might be warm and cosy or clean and crisp. You won’t know which one works better until you bring them into the kitchen. This isn’t the time when you follow a Pinterest idea blindly; you need to test how different shades of white look to ensure you achieve the desired effect. 

Experiment with texture

Suppose you want to build a full white kitchen; playing with textures will help you bring the space to life. Experimenting with different textures allows you to create a dynamic kitchen because it adds layers and visual interest. Interior designers recommend playing with patterns and decorations. Therefore, you should install white shaker cabinetry, build an all-white countertop, and bring inside an all-white backsplash. Select the finishes strategically, and if you pick gloss cabinetry, opt for a sandy countertop and zellige backsplash. 

Bring an impactful element to the kitchen

You can make an all-white kitchen stand out by creating a focal point that steals the show. Depending on the size of the room and home style, you can bring in handmade decorations or even artwork. The easiest way to create a focal point is to hand a chandelier or pendant lights. This kind of wow-worthy moment will inject the right amount of drama to the room and prevent it from becoming boring. 

By welcoming an impactful element, you transform a sterile room into a space that astounds through design accents. 

Add wood accents

An effective way to add warmth to a white room is to welcome natural wood accents. Wood elements work wonderfully with white design, so consider using this beautiful natural material for chairs, tables, stools, shelves, and even for the kitchen island if the size of the room allows you to install one. Wood brings warmth and texture to the space, especially if you go for rough elements. You can also use it as an accent piece by installing a wood-framed mirror, kitchen island, pendant, or large cutting board made from natural wood. 

Another way to use wood in the kitchen is to use artwork made of wood. 

Welcome nature indoors by adding greenery

Adding green elements to the kitchen can also transform it into a more welcoming space because nature has always made people feel more comfortable. Bringing plants and greenery to the kitchen is an easy and affordable way to make the room feel warmer. Depending on the available space, you can add greenery in several ways, from placing artificial plants on the shelves to hanging natural plants in pots around the room. 

Most people use greenery for its aesthetically-pleasing side, but it also has a functional role because it brings a sense of calm and removes air pollutants. Before bringing new plants indoors, make sure to research the species that thrive in the kitchen. Also, make sure not to overcrowd the kitchen because you need plenty of space to move around when cooking and entertaining guests. 

Use all kinds of lighting

The use of diversified lighting is essential with an all-white colour palette. We hope your kitchen gets plenty of natural lighting from the windows to feel more inviting and brighter. If you’re running a remodel project, look for ways to build skylights and more windows to increase the amount of sunlight the kitchen gets. If your kitchen lacks natural light, invest more in accent lighting to boost the room’s brightness. Install chandeliers and pendant lights to create a cozy atmosphere. Depending on the models of light fixtures you prefer, they can also function like decorative elements. 

Using the right combination of natural and accent lighting can transform a sterile white kitchen into a cozy space that invites people in. 

Create a seating area

The key to transforming the kitchen into a social space is creating a seating area accommodating everyone. Depending on the available space, you can add stools, benches, or chairs to build a cosy nook where your family or guests can stay while you cook. Additionally, you can pick a patterned rug to add more texture and colour. It can even become the statement element of the room if you choose something with a bold design. Don’t forget to bring in some colourful pillows to boost the comfort of the seating space. 

I hope you find our ideas helpful! There are countless ways to transform an all-white kitchen, but these are the easiest to apply.