It All Comes Down to Fine Arts: Improve Your Room Design and Give Your Space a Fresh Perspective


While it’s not something everyone is willing to admit, the way your home is decorated says a lot about you as a person. And your guests will definitely notice that. Your interior décor will either serve as an open invitation for their enjoyment or an absolute deterrent every time they lay eyes on it. Besides, you probably wouldn’t be too eager to stay in a place that’s not appealing to you in the slightest.

While not all of us can afford a home makeover like the ones we see on before and after pictures on Instagram, you don’t have to go all out to make your home more pleasant and inviting. You know what they say, less is more so you definitely don’t need to spend a whole lot of money on something expensive if it doesn’t compliment your existing living space.

But you know what a sure-fire way to add some pizzazz is? Well, there’s one particular type of interior décor that’s managed to stand the test of time – artwork. If you’re looking for a few pointers on how you can incorporate it into your home, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Do We Need Art in Our Homes?

No matter what kind of trends and developments we take on through the years, art seems to have a life of its own. This is why you can see art prints gracing the walls of many households from decades ago. Sure enough, the trend doesn’t seem like it’s coming to a halt anytime soon. And why would they anyway?

Artworks are mesmerising and universally stylish creations that can literally breathe new life into your home with their elegance and sophistication. Whether you opt for portraits, natural landscapes or abstract works of art, you’ll definitely be bringing into your home an exquisite piece of decoration.

Which Artists Should You Include?

This is a tricky part since there are so many great artists to choose from. How do you know where to begin? Sure, you’ve probably heard of Da Vinci and Picasso and the like but their masterpieces are one-of-a-kind so they’re either not for sale or way too expensive for middle-class families. Either way, they’re a no-go. But there’s no need to worry, there are plenty of other artists whose work can have pretty much the same effect once it’s hung on your walls. Here are a couple suggestions to help you get started.

Fabian Perez

One of the most creative minds of the 21st century. Fabian Perez is known for his prolific depictions of Latin dances and nightclub life, along with a few lifelike portraits of global celebrities. So basically, if you’re looking to add a touch of playful romance and electrifying sex appeal, you should definitely check out the impressive Fabian Perez prints at your disposal.

What makes Fabian Perez so special? Well, the intricate details and realistic illustrations you see on his artworks are all images from his past, which serves as his muse and inspiration. Each piece is a statement of sensuality and sophistication as it captures a whole range of human emotions – from sombre and brooding moods all the way to elevated and uplifting moments. These are basically two sides of the same coin known as life. It’s quite poetic, don’t you think?

This particular feature is what makes Fabian Perez prints so appealing. After all, art isn’t centred on sketching random objects and faces. It’s so much more than that. We as humans have a whole spectrum of emotions that we display on a daily basis and it takes a special kind of artist to effectively render those feelings on paper. 

In this way, when you observe each work of art, you’re able to easily identify the mood and sympathize with the people that are part of the image. This, in turn, opens up a whole new world of subjective interpretation and speculation which is exactly the kind of mental engagement you’d expect from world-class masterpieces.

Tom Butler

If you’re the type of person that likes to look at breathtaking illustrations of all kinds of landscapes, then Tom Butler is certainly the perfect match for your taste. It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid fan of the seaside and love looking at drawings of naval life or if you’re a die-hard fan of the bustling city life and all the frenzied movements that come along with it, you’ll be able to find something that tickles your artistic side in Tom’s vibrant and colourful paintings.

Oftentimes, you don’t need to look at people’s faces and expressions to be moved by a work of art. The overall atmosphere and vibe of a setting are more than enough to evoke the right emotions and stir the right thoughts. You just have to know where to look for it.

Additional Home Décor Items

Once you get started on collecting art prints, it can get pretty hard to stop since each one has something special to offer. But it’s important that you don’t clutter up your space with too many paintings because then it won’t have the desired effect. But if you still want to play around with your interior décor, there are a few other ways you can satisfy your artistic cravings.


Remember those subtle details and realistic imagery in art prints? What if you could marvel at their beauty in a full, three-dimensional form? Wouldn’t that be an even more emotionally engaging and visually stunning sight? You’re absolutely right, it most certainly would be. And the best way for you to experience that is by adding a few accent sculptures around your home to really step up your decorating abilities. 

Some of the most popular are the detailed Rebecca Lardner sculptures which are accurate representations of all aspects of maritime life. One thing that makes these sculptures stand out is their signature form and composition which give each model extra depth and meaning. This, in turn, allows the artist to capture any and all significant details to make the final product as authentic as possible. 

It’s safe to say that Rebecca Lardner sculptures are intricate representations of real-life imagery that give you the ability to admire them from all angles, viewpoints and subjective tastes. Who would have thought that such a small piece of art can have such a profound impact on your artistic perception?

Perhaps the most common sources of inspiration for Rebecca are the multi-coloured birds and seagulls found at sea as well as the many makes and models of ships sailing across open water. In both cases, the attention to detail is astounding. From the small trinkets and naval equipment found on each deck to the incredibly elaborate featherwork on each bird’s wing, you’ll most certainly be getting an accurate picture of what constitutes maritime life.

Jars and Vases

Finally, jars and vases are some of the most versatile items of interior décor you can equip your home with. Looking for something to put that fresh batch of flowers in? No problem, make it the centrepiece of your living room and store it in a delicate vase. How about those random pencils and spare change scattered about your home? You can definitely organise them in a stylish jar and keep them all in one place. It’s both practical and functional, don’t you think?