Is it Safe to Buy Artwork Online?


Yes, it is safe to buy art online if you visit the right platform. Unlike in the past when you had to visit an art gallery to purchase a work of art, now you can get it online too. 

However, there is so much fake artwork flying around. Also, it becomes worse if you buy it from an unreliable and untrusted online art shop. Meanwhile, their ways to know if you are getting an authentic artwork or not. 

Nonetheless, you can get authentic artwork if you follow the procedure outlined here.

How to Buy Original Artwork Online 

Below are three concerns you may have about buying arts online as a collector. The solutions will also be addressed:


If you haven’t bought art online before, it’s natural to doubt the authenticity of the work or deal. You want to receive exactly what you paid for.

The solution to this concern is to ask the art seller for a Certificate of Authenticity, if possible. Make sure it’s from an artist, an art dealer, or a publisher.

Insurance and Logistics

These must not be vague. If comprehensive information about the shipping and handling of an art sale online is lacking, collectors may feel unsafe about a purchase. The same goes for the insurance information about the artwork(s). 

To solve this problem, simply check the website where the art is displayed for packaging and shipping methods. Also, look into the costs. Ask all the questions you need, including questions on insurance.

Inspection of Work in Person

Indeed, you can’t inspect the artwork in person when you are purchasing it online. Again, we all want to get what we pay for when we shop online. People are often attracted to the images of goods they see online. And they will want to receive the in-person order that they ordered. The same is so for online art images.

To tackle your skepticism, you can research the art seller or artist. You can also look into some reviews and the history of the seller if available. Also, always ask about the condition of the piece before purchase. That should fix your concerns.


Today, more art collectors continue to buy art from dealers and artists online. With a reliable payment service and little research, buying art online is a safe and fun adventure. Also, you can go to the store and buy an artwork.