How to Host the Perfect Summer Barbecue from Your Garden


Nothing shouts summer like a warm summer’s evening, with birds in the sky and the smell of food on the barbecue. With lockdown restrictions slowly starting to ease, hopefully this is what all of our summers will be filled with. Barbecues are the perfect way to spend time with family and friends: good food and good company – what more could you want? If you are looking to host the perfect summer barbecue straight from your garden in the upcoming months, take a read through these useful tips.

Create the Perfect Barbecue Space in Your Garden

Firstly, to host the perfect summer barbecue you need a good spot to both locate the barbecue and for people to sit. If you are having guests round and your garden is somewhere you frequently spend time in, why not get some new decking installed in your garden? If you want some extra privacy, you could go all out and get some composite fencing to go with it. Take a look at all of the gorgeous options offered at Ecoscape UK for some inspiration on how to make this area look great. All of their products are environmentally friendly, so you can browse through all of their options guilt-free. Furthermore, their different styles will mean that they can suit any kind of garden, whether you are going for a polished and chic look or a more natural one. For more information, visit

In addition to having a space allocated for your barbecue, it is nice for guests to be able to sit on chairs and have a table too, so getting some outdoor furniture would be another great way to be the perfect host. Aside from hosting, this is a great addition to any garden and means that you can eat family meals outdoors throughout the course of the summer. 

Ensure You Know Everyone’s Dietary Requirements

Being a host and being in charge of cooking the barbecue food can be really stressful, especially if there are people present with different dietary requirements or preferences. It is important that you find out this information prior to hosting your barbecue so that you can plan effectively. For example, if you have vegetarians present, you will want to cook their food before any meat touches it in order to avoid cross contamination. Likewise, if there is anyone with an allergy, it is important that you take this into consideration and take extra precautions. 

Some people opt to cook a lot of their barbecue food wrapped in tinned foil, so that cross contamination isn’t so much of an issue. This also means that cleaning the barbecue is a lot easier, so this may be something worth considering. 

Know How Many Guests You Have Coming

Knowing how many guests will be there is another important thing to consider – if you are hosting a large barbecue, it may be easier for people to bring their own food so that the organisation isn’t so difficult. If people are bringing their kids too, then asking them to provide their own food may be the easier option, so that you don’t have to take into account what their kids do or do not like. Even for seating purposes, cutlery and napkins, knowing how many people are coming is good to know so that you have enough of everything. Sometimes, the more the merrier, but in other circumstances, it is more sensible to limit the number of guests so you don’t become too overwhelmed. 

Create a Fun and Cosy Atmosphere

A lot of barbecues take place in the early evening, but when the sun sets and it gets darker, it can get a bit cooler. If you intend on everybody staying outdoors even after the barbecue has finished, try to create a really cosy atmosphere for everyone. A few ways you could do this include bringing out cushions and blankets for people to huddle under – it is best to leave this step until after people have eaten, to avoid getting food or grease on them. You could also put up a string of fairy lights or even light some candles outside – both will instantly create a warm, cosy atmosphere. Furthermore, they will provide a bit of light, which is needed if you are staying outdoors. Why not find some fun activities to do – such as playing cards or a board game once you have eaten? 

Barbecues are often the highlight of the year, and if you are the host, you truly want to go all out and make the evening really special. This is a great chance to catch up with both family and friends after lockdown is over – and you will be remaining outdoors which can be good for those still worried about potential risks. Send out your barbecue invitations about a week in advance so that you have enough time to plan and buy everything before it happens!