How Can Cleanliness And Tidiness Make For A Happier Home?

Happier Home

The average American spends over an hour a day cleaning their homes, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report – an amount that may seem a lot in busy times, but which has many benefits beyond disease prevention. A 2009 study by E. Darby and colleagues found that women who described their home interiors as ‘cluttered’ were more likely to have depression or be fatigued than those who described their home as ‘restful’ or ‘restorative’. This is just one of many studies that show the extent to which tidiness can help promote better mental health and wellbeing.

The Link between Cleanliness And Physical And Mental Health

There are various instances in which a dirty or unkempt home can have negative physical and mental health effects. For instance, people living in a home with black mold can have depression, brain fog, anxiety, and other problems. People with dust mite allergies who are exposed to this allergen, meanwhile, can have psychological challenges, mood disorders, and trouble concentrating. Clutter can also impede one’s mental wellbeing: a UK survey found that 90% of people feel that clutter around the home makes them feel unproductive or unhappy. Only 10% of people do not perceive a link between tidiness and mood. The survey also showed that living in an untidy house is a barrier to socializing with others, which in turn can increase isolation and loneliness.

Choosing Non-Toxic Cleaning Methods

Regular cleaning is key, but in order to ensure that prevention really is better than cure, it’s important to opt for non-toxic cleaning methods. Many commercial cleaners contain toxins that can harm indoor air quality and affect your mood and wellbeing. Vacuuming is an ideal way to rid carpets and floors of dust, dander, and other substances that can harm health. For spot cleaning or cleaning upholstery rather than large areas of carpet, portable carpet cleaners (which are light and easy to store) are a good option. Before investing in machinery, read reviews on some of the best portable carpet cleaners by Household Advice and opinions shared by consumers. Vacuums and steam vacuums should be powerful, easy to clean, and versatile enough to tackle a range of surfaces.

Eliminating Clutter

A home that contains clutter can pose risks for falls, fires and broken bones, especially among senior home dwellers. Clutter can also stop people from sleeping as well as they need to, with research by the National Sleep Foundation showing that 75% of people report that they enjoy better quality sleep when the area is tidy. Untidiness can also lead to a reduction in motivation and productivity, since the brain registers it as unfinished work, making it harder to focus on the task at hand. It is important to update your home layout when necessary, removing unnecessary items of furniture so as to reduce visual stress. 

Untidiness and dirt affect your physical and mental health in numerous ways. Dirt can cause various illnesses that affect wellbeing, while untidiness can increase stress and lower productivity. To boost health and happiness, homeowners should establish a regular cleaning schedule using natural yet effective cleaning methods, and make an effort to reduce clutter at home.