10+ Creative Ideas For Repurposing Old Doors

sources: Best Laundry Folding Tables / Apartment Therapy

Finding an old door at a flea market or on someone’s curb is like winning the jackpot. There are so many different things you can do with an old door to spruce up your home, garden, or backyard. If you’re in the mood for a little DIY project, here are 11 ways to repurpose an old door.

1. Coat Hanger

source: Design Press / Diy for Life

Drilling some hooks into the bottom of an old door can make for a gorgeous, rustic coat hanger for your mudroom or front entryway.

2. Laundry Folding Table

source: Best Laundry Folding Tables

How creative is this? Adding some trim and hinges to an old door can make for the perfect laundry folding surface in a small space.

3. Headboard

source: Remodelaholic / Fresh Designpedia

Bolt an old door to the wall, and you’ve got yourself a rustic-chic headboard.

4. Garden Arbor

source: DIY Network

Two old doors and some basic carpentry skills can get you this beautiful arbor for your garden!

5. Sliding Door

source: RemodelaCasa / Shades Of Blue Interiors

You can purchase a metal sliding door kit at most home stores. The kit and an old door can give you a beautiful sliding door.

6. Memo Board

source: Awesome Inventions / Apartment Therapy

An old door and some chalkboard paint will get you a memo board to help keep everyone on schedule.

7. Leaning Shelf

source: Two Make A Home

Making a leaning shelf out of an old door isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Click here for the tutorial.

8. Coffee Table

source: This Sorta Old Life

How cute is this little coffee table made from a repurposed door? There are so many different styles of tables you could make using old doors.

9. Pretty Pot Rack

If cupboard space is limited, an old screen door suspended from the ceiling makes for the perfect pot rack.

10. Leaning Mirror

If you get a piece of custom glass cut, you can have a big, beautiful, leaning mirror for a fraction of the price as a store-bought one.

11. Bench

source: CustomMade

An old door is the perfect material to use in the construction of a stunning, antique-looking bench.