How To Make Tomato Plants Really Thrive

sources: Facebook/Winigan Farms/ Pass the Pistil

Tomatoes are delicious, can be used in essentially every meal, and are great for your health. However, tomato plants can also be extremely difficult to grow. Tomato plants are susceptible to many more problems than most other types of produce, and there’s nothing more disappointing than a dying, rotting tomato plant.

source: Facebook/Winigan Farms

If you want your tomato plants to flourish this year, remember this simple yet extremely important tip. When you dig the hole you’re going to plant the tomato in, drop an antacid tablet in the hole. Slightly cover it with soil before dropping in the tomato plant. Since the tablet is just calcium, it will eliminate any blossom end rot.

There are a few other tips to remember for successful tomatoes as well. Firstly, tomato plants love lots of light. Secondly, tomato plants need a great deal of watering, especially when the plants are young. If you miss a few days or more and try to overcompensate with your watering, this will likely lead to blossom end rot. If your tomato plants look wilted for most of the day, you aren’t watering them enough.

source: Bonnie Plants

Another important tip is to not over-prune. It’s fine to trim off a few leaves (especially the bottom ones that appear brown in order to prevent disease from spreading to the rest of the plant). However, trimming off too many leaves will lead to less sugar and flavor in your tomatoes. Now that you know these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to growing phenomenal tomato plants this year!