10 Important Things Everyone Should Have In Their Car This Winter

source: Annapolis County

If you live somewhere with cold, snowy winters, you’ve probably experienced your fair share of unpleasant snowy driving. Driving on slick roads and in whiteout conditions is always nerve-wracking, and getting stuck somewhere is a very real possibility. To make winter driving as safe as possible this season, here are 10 important items everyone should have stored in their car.

1. Thick Blanket

If you end up getting stuck or stranded somewhere, you’ll want a thick blanket to keep you warm until help arrives.

2. Warm Clothing

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On that note, you should also store warm winter clothing like a hat, gloves, scarf, etc. in your car to ensure that you stay warm while you wait.

3. First Aid Kit

source: Sussex Insurance / First Aid Kit | Honda of Conyers

A first aid kit is something you should have stored in your vehicle all year long. You never know when you might need emergency medical supplies for yourself or someone else.

4. Flashlight

source: Toyota Nation Forum

You should always have a flashlight (and extra batteries) stored in your car. If you get stranded somewhere in the dark, you’ll definitely want a light source.

5. Water And Food

Always keep a couple bottles of water and some dry, non-perishable snacks in your vehicle. If you’re stuck, stranded, or waiting for a tow truck, these things will definitely come in handy (and might even save your life).

6. Jumper Cables

source: Napa Know How Blog

If your car dies, you don’t always need to call roadside assistance. If someone else with a car can give you a boost, you’ll be back driving in no time. Remember to never use jumper cables unless you absolutely know how to properly use them.

7. Windshield Washer Fluid

source: Economical Insurance / Dreamstime

There’s nothing worse than running out of windshield washer fluid when salt, slush, and snow are hitting your car and obscuring your vision. Always keep an extra jug of washer fluid in your car, just in case.

8. Kitty Litter

source: Medium / Getty Images

It may sound silly, but pouring some kitty litter under your tires can help your car become unstuck. The gritty texture stops the wheels from spinning, and can free your vehicle from deep snow or an icy patch.

9. Shovel

source: Napa Know How Blog / Dreamstime

On the same note, keeping a small snow shovel in your trunk is a great idea in case you’re stuck in deep snow and need to dig your tires out.

10. Phone Charger

source: iGeeksBlog

There are few things worse than being stranded somewhere in your car with a dead phone. Having an extra phone charger in your vehicle will ensure that you have a way of communicating with help if it’s needed.