9 Stunning Flower Planter Ideas

sources: GoodsHomeDesign / Get Wooden Boat Plans

The second I smell a whiff of spring in the air, I immediately start planning out my gardening for the season. I love adding new plants to my garden, and filling my planters with beautiful flowers. If you’re looking for a little gardening inspiration yourself, check out these 9 ideas for stunning flower planters!

1. Antique Wagon

source: HGTV

How sweet is this idea? Antique wagons make for wonderful and unique flower planters.

2. Antique Wheelbarrow

source: Diva of DIY

Speaking of antiques, here’s another great idea! Antique wheelbarrows also make for excellent large flower planters.

3. Hollowed-Out Log

source: GoodsHomeDesign

Hollowed-out logs are rustic yet charming flower planter ideas.

4. DIY Concrete Planter

source: BobVila via quikrete.com / HomeMade Modern

These concrete planters are so modern and sleek. Click here to learn how to make your own!

5. Wooden Boxes

source: Gardeners World

Wooden flower planters are a classic, and they’re simple and inexpensive to make. Click here for a simple tutorial!

6. Wine Barrel Planter

source: HGTV / iStock

Old wine and water barrels are the perfect vessels for planting flowers in. Just saw off the top and you’re good to go!

7. Watering Can

source: Ann’s Entitled Life

Metal watering cans make for such cute flower planters! I would love to place a few of these on my front porch.

8. Clawfoot Tub

source: Flickr/Karen Emslie

Never underestimate the charm of an old clawfoot tub! They make for wonderful large flower planters.

9. Rowboat Planter

source: Free Wooden Boat Plans

And last but certainly not least, how about an old rowboat as a giant flower planter? I love it!

Remember, a little bit of creativity can go a long way. Flower planters don’t need to be boring – they can be whatever you want them to be!