14 People Who Turned ‘Useless Junk’ Into Clever Household Items

source: Joy Reactor

Fortunately, we’re seeing more and more upcycling in this world. Instead of simply tossing something because we no longer think it holds value, people are repurposing items into clever, useful items. Here are 14 people who are saving money, creating less waste, and are basically geniuses!

1. Ladder Bookshelf

source: Bored Panda / Etsy

This old ladder might not seem good for much, but this creative person turned it sideways, fastened it to the wall, and created an awesome corner bookshelf!

2. Liquor Bottles Light

source: Elo7

Have some old liquor bottles lying around? If you’re handy, turn them into a rustic-looking light fixture!

3. Trunk Chair

source: homedit

An old trunk or suitcase can be fashioned into a lovely, antique-looking chair or bench.

4. Tire Dog Bed

source: Earth Porm / Practically Functional

How cute is this idea? Paint an old tire, stuff it with cushions, and you’ve got yourself a dog bed for your furry friend.

5. Tin Can Herb Garden

source: The Urban Hippie

Don’t throw away those tin cans! Use them to plant herbs and other little plants in.

6. Wine Bottle Candle Holders

source: Tattered Style

Remove the labels from used wine bottles and make a display of candle holders.

7. Toilet Paper Roll Cord Organizers

source: Little House Of Four / A House Full of Sunshine

Use old toilet paper rolls to organize your cords. You can decorate and label them, too!

8. Piano Fountain

source: Bored Panda

Find an old piano on the side of the road? Turn it into a beautiful fountain/flower planter!

9. Bag Dispenser

source: Twisted Sifter

An empty Kleenex box can easily be turned into a plastic bag dispenser.

10. Strainer Planters

source: Food For Life TV / Kalyn Brooke

Old cooking strainers can be turned into retro-inspired hanging planters!

11. Tire Swing

source: HomeTone / TireZoo

Here’s another cool tire idea! Turn an old tire into a kids’ tire swing.

12. iPhone Butter Dish

This one was simply too funny not to include. The person who took the photo’s grandmother was using this old iPhone packaging as a butter dish.

13. Cheese Grater Earring Holder

source: Miss Cositas

Paint an old cheese grater and turn it into a funky earring holder.

14. Teacup Candles

source: Everything Nevada / Rhiannon Bosse

Old teacups make for the loveliest candles, do they not?