4 Reasons To Always Save Leftover Pickle Juice

source: Roc's Ramblings

A jar of pickles never seems to last long in our house. Soon enough, the pickles are gone, I dump the juice down the drain, and recycle the bottle. However, I recently learned of some surprising uses for pickle juice that will certainly make me reconsider tossing away the leftover juice next time. Here they are!

1. Kills Weeds

source: LoveToKnow – Garden | istock

The combination of vinegar and salt contained in pickle juice is excellent for killing weeds in your garden. Simply spray some pickle juice directly on weeds, let it sit, then remove the weed.

2. Cocktail Additive

source: She Eats

Leftover pickle juice tastes delicious in certain cocktails! Next time you’re making drinks, consider adding some leftover pickle juice to your caesar or dirty martini.

3. Marinade

source: Coco and Ash

Did you know that pickle juice can make for a great marinade? Mix together some pickle juice, spices, and whatever else you’d like the next time you need a marinade for steak or pork.

4. More Pickling!

source: Feasting At Home

Of course, you can always pickle your own vegetables using leftover pickle juice! Leftover pickle juice is great for canning artichokes, jalapenos, green beans (excellent in caesars), onions, garlic, and unsurprisingly, cucumbers.

Now that you know these simple yet awesome uses for leftover pickle juice, I’m willing to bet you’ll think twice about pouring that pickle juice down the drain!