The Proper Way To Clean A Keurig Machine

source: Getty Images

Keurigs (and other single serve coffee machines) are the height of convenience. Just slip a coffee disk in, hit one button, and voila — an instant, piping hot cup of coffee! Although you likely know that traditional coffee machines need to be cleaned every day, do you ever clean your Keurig? They, too, can get clogged and build up bacteria over time. So if you have a Keurig, here’s how to properly clean it.

Thanks to SimpleMost for these great instructions!

1. First off, unplug the Keurig machine. Next, remove all washable parts (the water tank, K-cup holder, and drip tray) and wash them in warm water.

2. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the rest of the machine. Once you’ve washed the removable parts, put them back in their proper spots and plug the machine back in.

3. Next, fill the water tank at least half full with distilled vinegar. Place a mug where you normally would and begin the brew cycle. Repeat this step until all of the vinegar has been used up, dumping the vinegar in the mug after each cycle.

source: CNET

4. Lastly, repeat Step 3 but use water to fill the tank instead of vinegar. This will rinse any remaining vinegar from the Keurig’s system.

And that’s it! Cleaning your Keurig once every few months will help coffee and bacteria buildup from occurring, and will keep your machine running for years to come. Click here to see SimpleMost’s video showing these steps in action!