Couple Urges Others To Take A Look Into Keurig Machines

source: Facebook/Sheldon Smith

In this day and age, it’s almost odd for someone to not own a single serve coffee machine. They’re quick, they’re convenient, and they make a pretty decent cup of coffee. Most of us know that you should be cleaning and descaling your Keurig or other single serve coffee machine regularly. But according to one couple, those things weren’t enough to stop their Keurig machine from getting pretty nasty over time.

Sheldon Smith took to Facebook in order to share his experience with his Keurig machine. According to Sheldon, he and his wife had been sick a lot recently and discovered that much of it arose after drinking coffee together. Sheldon explained that he decided to open up the machine (which they’d owned for about four years), and this is what they found.

Sheldon explained that even after descaling the machine twice a year and cleaning the outside water tank and spout weekly, the machine’s inside tank looked like what you see above. It appears to be holding a pretty good amount of mirky, chunky liquid. Sheldon went on to explain that they were not able to access this interior tank without destroying the machine. Chances are, that mirky liquid was somehow making its way into their cups of coffee.

We’re certainly not saying that you should abandon your single serve coffee machines, but it’s definitely important to clean them regularly and as per the manufacturer’s instructions. If you have any concerns about the cleanliness of your single serve coffee machine, it’s always best to visit the company’s website or contact their customer service department to find out how you can effectively clean every inch of your coffee maker.