Mom Discovered The Greatest Way To Store Her Coffee Pods

source: Kidspot / via: Facebook

Nowadays, most people seem to have a single-serve coffee machine somewhere in their kitchen. Some prefer Keurigs, others Tassimos, and if you’re anything like me, you feel a deep bond with your Nespresso. Although many of these companies sell stands and baskets made specifically for their machine’s coffee pods, they tend to look cluttered on a kitchen counter. That’s where this mom’s genius storage solution comes in.

source: QVC

Gina Baynham is a mother of three from New South Wales. She had become fed up with trying to store her coffee pods in a neat and organized manner. “I’ve tried lots of different ways of storing Nespresso pods — jars, boxes, you name it,” she explained. “Every time my husband comes home from the shop, he has bought new flavors to try and it drives me mad because I have to reorganize my storage all over again,” she continued.

Luckily enough, Gina stumbled across a post on the Facebook group “Mums Who Organise” that would solve her dilemma. Someone had come up with the genius idea of using PVC plastic to store their coffee pods. All Gina did was cut the plastic into the correct length using a sharp knife, then she used double-sided sticky foam to attach the plastic to the underside of her cupboard.

source: Kidspot / via: Facebook

The result? A hidden and organized method for storing coffee pods! To imitate this amazing hack, all you have to do is measure the size of whatever coffee pods you use to ensure that they will fit properly in the “runners.” When you go to make a coffee, all you have to do is slide the pod of your choosing out!

source: Kidspot / via: Facebook

This hack is incredibly simple, inexpensive, and only takes a couple of minutes to complete. Follow Gina’s lead if you’re looking to keep your own coffee pods out of sight and totally organized!