7 Holiday Cookie Recipes That Everyone Secretly Dislikes

source: Dinner at the Zoo

It’s hard to make a bad cookie, but some recipes just simply aren’t good. There are so many holiday cookie recipes out there, and most of them are absolutely delicious. However, the following seven holiday cookie recipes tend to be secretly hated — so you might want to rethink bringing them to your next cookie exchange!

1. Biscotti

source: Fuzzy Laptop

Although biscotti tastes great dunked in coffee or a cappuccino, on its own, biscotti tends to be dry and bland.

2. Stained Glass Cookies

source: Food Network

Stained glass cookies can look quite beautiful, but they’re also extremely tedious to make. Plus, the “stained glass” part is a sure way to chip your tooth.

3. Gingerbread Cookies

source: All Recipes / Kentucky

Gingerbread cookies can be cutely decorated, but they tend to be extremely dry and hard. Unless you’re a baker by profession and can make moist, chewy gingerbread, it’s best to stay away.

4. Fruitcake Cookies

source: The Spruce Eats / Sonoma Farm

If you’re one of the few people on earth who actually enjoys the taste of fruitcake (and subsequently fruitcake cookies), then I apologize. They’re just plain gross.

5. Snowball Cookies

source: Food & Wine Magazine

The powder gets all over your hands, and the inside is dry and crumbly. Sure, they look like snowballs. But they’re not very good!

6. Spritz Cookies

source: A Kitchen Addiction

Spritz cookies are one weird, old-school recipe that’s a pain to make and doesn’t even taste good. What’s the point?!

7. Molasses Cookies

source: The Prairie Homestead

Unless there’s a sugar shortage, why use molasses?! We’re not in the pioneer days anymore, people.