Great Baking Conversion Chart To Make Things Easier

source: Healthline / Shutterstock

There are few things I love more than finding a good recipe and creating it for myself and my family. Cooking and baking are comforting and satisfying, but there are definitely days when I wish the process was easier. It’s never fun when you start flipping through a recipe, only to discover that you’re not familiar with the units of measurement being provided. You then have to jump on the computer and individually convert the measurements into cups, or whatever you commonly bake with.

source: Career Addict / Shutterstock

Thankfully, that’s where this helpful conversion chart comes in. It converts cups all the way down to millilitres, cups to ounces, and even fahrenheit to celsius. There’ll be no more need to drag your laptop into the kitchen (and get it covered in baking supplies) if you have this handy chart nearby.

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Posted by Grandma's Recipes and More on Monday, December 3, 2018

My suggestion is that you print this handy chart out and keep it with your cookbooks, taped in your pantry, or easily accessible in a drawer. Life is busy, so if you can simplify this one little part, why wouldn’t you?!