The Handy Baking Chart To Simplify Your Time In The Kitchen

sources: Facebook/Tips From Pips / Shutterstock

I enjoy cooking and baking, but there are definitely times when I wish the process was just slightly easier. One of those times is when I’m reading a recipe where the units of measurement are different from the ones I’m familiar with. I have to get out my computer and individually translate each unit of measurement before I can even begin cooking.

source: Food Network

If you’ve experienced this annoyance in the kitchen before, then we’re about to share a chart with you that will make things much easier. This simple chart shows all of the common conversion equivalents, all the way from gallons right down to mL. Basically, if you have this chart, you can convert any recipe measurement right on the spot!

We suggest printing out this awesome chart and sticking it on the fridge, in your pantry, or tucked into your recipe book. By being able to convert recipe measurements right then and there, you’ll be able to shave some time off the cooking or baking process. Anything that makes life even a little bit easier is certainly something I can get behind!