How To Fertilize And Care For Hanging Baskets So They Flower All Summer Long

source: The Garden Glove / Wojos

On the first warm weather weekend when I know we won’t get anymore overnight frosts, I rush to my local garden center to buy my hanging baskets for the season. I love the way my hanging baskets make my front porch look welcoming and full of life. However, hanging baskets aren’t always the easiest flowers to keep looking great all summer. That’s why I decided to dig up some simple yet helpful tips for fertilizing and caring for hanging baskets.

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First thing’s first – hanging baskets need a lot of water. There are generally multiple plant varieties in a hanging basket, meaning a whole lot of thirsty roots. Your hanging baskets should be well-draining, and you should ensure you’re giving them a good drink every day or every other day, depending on the climate where you live.

source: West Coast Gardens

If you feel like no matter how hard you try, your hanging baskets still seem to get dried out, try this hack. Line the bottom of your hanging basket with a diaper (trust me, it works). Then, put the plants and soil over top. The diaper helps the hanging basket to retain moisture, which is great for those of us who live in hot, dry climates.

source: Sincerely, Sara D.

Now, let’s talk about fertilization. If you don’t fertilize your baskets, they can easily become dried out and stop producing blooms by mid-summer. Fertilizing them too aggressively at the start can cause them to become root-bound and grow way too large for the container. That’s why when it comes to fertilization, it’s all about balance.

source: Black Dirt Farm

Worm castings, compost, or any other type of fertilizer you like using are all suitable options. The key with fertilizer is to start will a small amount, gradually replenishing over time. Be sure to give your hanging baskets lots of water as you fertilize. And for some reason if they grow too large, you can always re-pot them in larger hanging baskets. Or plant them directly in the garden, which is always a good option!

source: His & Hers Magazine

Hopefully now that you know these simple yet effective tips of maintaining hanging baskets, you’ll get to enjoy flowering, healthy baskets all season long. And to leave you with my parting words – always wear sunscreen when spending time outside in the garden!