How To Tackle A Green Or Cloudy-Looking Pool

source: Facebook/Lisa Pack

If you have a swimming pool, consider yourself lucky. There’s nothing like taking a cool dip on a hot summer day, especially when it’s in the comfort of your own backyard. Although owning a pool has many benefits, pool ownership also requires a lot of maintenance. Almost everyone’s pool becomes green or cloudy at some point, and many people resort to professional pool companies to come and fix the problem.

However, one hack is going viral for its pool cleaning abilities. If your pool is starting to turn cloudy or green, all you have to do is toss a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser into the skimming basket. Seriously — that’s all there is to it! Don’t believe me? Well, just take a read through one woman’s experience with this hack.

Lisa Pack explained that her pool is always green by this time of the year. One of her friends spotted this hack gaining popularity on the internet and suggested she give it a try. Lisa dropped a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser into her (cloudy) pool’s skimming basket. The cloudiness left her pool, and the Magic Eraser looked like this.

Pretty amazing, right? For some reason, it seems like the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser absorbs whatever agent is making the pool cloudy or likely to fill with algae. For such a cheap yet effective method, I’m not going to bother with asking questions! In the comments on Lisa’s post, many people revealed that they had also tried this method with their pools and hot tubs and had experienced similar results.

Although you should still keep up with your pool’s specific maintenance requirements, this hack may not be a bad idea to try if you notice it getting cloudy. Thanks, Lisa, for sharing this helpful tip!