Family Craft – Awesome Handprint Keepsake Project

source: Facebook/Stephannie Nazarro / Instagram/@kaylie.golding

The global pandemic we’re currently living in has definitely thrown everyone for a loop. If you have kids, you’re likely finding yourself either off work or working from home, and constantly trying to entertain bored, stir-crazy children. I know I am! After all, there are only so many walks we can go on per day, recipes we can try, and board games we can play as a family.

source: Family Vacation Critic

Although I cave and let my kids watch TV when I’m too mentally exhausted to think of more activities, I would far rather them be doing an activity of some sort. And on that note, thank goodness for crafts! Although these are definitely not the best of times, many families seem to be making the most of their current home-bound existence, and doing crafts as a family.

I keep seeing this craft growing in popularity, and it’s not difficult to guess why. By tracing over the hand of each person in your family, cutting out the paper, and pasting them to some sort of backdrop, you’ll be left with a snippet in time you can all look back on to remember how we spent these quiet months of 2020.

Quarantine Day 24…I saw this yesterday and knew we had to create it. Even if they drive me crazy, there’s no other…

Posted by Stephannie Nazzaro on Sunday, April 5, 2020

This is a really cute, sentimental craft that the whole family can be involved in. When this is all over, you can look back on this moment of time and at least be thankful that you spent it together, as a family, and hopefully reconnecting. So, if you have bored kids at home (and even if you don’t), why not give this sweet craft a try? Remember to be patient with one another, call your friends and family who you can’t be with right now, and take care of one another – we are all in this together, after all.