How To Deodorize Your Vehicle With A Tea Bag

source: Indian Makeup & Beauty Blog / Shutterstock

I try to keep my car as clean as possible, but that doesn’t always keep it from smelling funky. Between my kids’ sports equipment, our dog, and food eaten on the road, my car (and everyone else’s) can become pretty stinky in just a short amount of time. Many people use air fresheners in their vehicles, but they don’t actually eliminate smells — they just mask them. Plus, they tend to smell extremely overwhelming.

source: Popsugar

Never fear! There is a solution. And all it involves is some tea bags! You see, tea leaves will actually absorb odors and moisture. Plus, the leaves produce a subtle yet lovely smell, making them the perfect thing to use as a car air freshener. All you need to do is grab a few bags of your favorite-smelling tea and place them around your vehicle. You can place them under the seats, in the trunk, and you can even hang one from your rearview mirror.

If you want to learn more about using tea bags as vehicle air fresheners, check out the video below!