Cotton Candy Grapes Are Coming To A Store Near You — Here’s Where

Source: Grapery

Summer produce is the best kind of produce. Many of our favorite fruits and veggies are finally in season, and they make summertime breakfasts, lunches, and dinners all that more delicious. Summer is also the only season when you can get cotton candy grapes — the fruit everyone seems to be talking about lately.

If you’ve never heard of cotton candy grapes before, it’s because they’re a relatively new trend. Although these sweet grapes taste just like cotton candy, it’s not because they’ve been pumped full of artificial sugars or chemicals. They’re simply the result of a very scientific, thorough cross-breeding.

Once cotton candy grapes hit the shelves, they can be difficult to find. They tend to sell out super quickly, and their window for existence is pretty small (August 10th – September 20th). So if you’re dying to try these sweet treats, head to the grocery store between these dates.

If you’re wondering where to find cotton candy grapes, chains like Wegmans, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Sam’s Club generally stock them. You can also click here to see a map that highlights all of the stores that carry the grapes throughout each state.

source: 6sqft

Cotton candy grapes would be a perfect addition to a yoghurt parfait, would be delicious frozen (to add to sangria or a wine spritzer!), and are obviously yummy enough to be eaten on their own. Although their distribution period is quite short, they’re definitely worth the trip to one of the grocery stores listed above.

So if all of your friends have been gushing about cotton candy grapes and you’re curious enough to try them, just head to one of these stores (or whichever stores the map shows) to try these delectable little fruits for yourself!