How To Make Cinnamon Whiskey Pumpkin Pie

source: HuffPost / Delicious as it Looks

With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, it’s not a bad idea to start planning your meals out. And as everyone knows, one of the most important parts of any holiday meal is the dessert. Instead of serving up a boring old dessert, why not try your hand at this recipe for cinnamon whiskey pumpkin pie from the BBQ Pit Boys?!

source: VinePair / Instagram

This pie features fluffy crust, sweet filling, and a little bit of a kick from the whiskey. Basically, this is a spruced up pumpkin pie with even more flavor. And because of that, it’s bound to be an even bigger hit when you serve it up on holidays and during family dinners!

source: Mixed Greens

Click here to watch this creative pie-making method in action!