18 Bizarre Yet Effective Car-Cleaning Hacks

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source: YouTube/ChrisFix / AliExpress

Most of us spend a lot of time in our vehicles, so they definitely undergo a lot of wear and tear. When you’re always on the run, your car is probably the first thing to be neglected when it comes to cleaning. However, you don’t need to pay tons of money to get your car detailed — just follow these simple and easy car-cleaning hacks instead!

1. Toothpaste

If your headlights are dull, slightly scratched, or look a little foggy, just coat them in some toothpaste. Use a toothbrush or other small bristle brush to gently scrub at the lights, then rinse and dry. Your headlights will be scratch-free and shiny afterwards!

2. Baking Soda

Since we spend a lot of time in them, our car seats can trap in gross odors. Simply sprinkle your seats with baking soda, let them sit, and then vacuum up the baking soda. It will work to absorb any unpleasant odors.

3. Cleaning Slime

Cleaning slime may sound like an odd invention, but it’s quite effective at cleaning dust and dirt from hard-to-reach places in your car. Use it for getting underneath your car’s control buttons, in and around the radio, in the air vents, and in the crevices of your gear shifter.

4. Eliminate Hairy Seats

If your pet has caused your car seats to be covered in hair, all you need is a spray bottle and one of those shower squeegees. Simply spray the seats with cold water, then use the squeegee to scrape the hair forwards.

5. Keep Bugs Off

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Once your headlights and front bumpers are clean, you can spray a light coating of WD-40 onto them. This will keep bugs from sticking to these areas when you’re driving through insect-filled areas.

6. Keep Wipes On-Hand

To keep your car clean in the long run, it’s best to practice little steps along the way. Always keep a pack of cleaning wipes in your car for spills, etc. If you tackle the little messes right when they happen, there won’t be any big ones to worry about later on!

7. DIY Air Freshener

To make your own air freshener, simply apply a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a clothespin, then fasten the clothespin to your air vent. That’s all there is to it!

8. Eliminate Fruit Flies

If old food has attracted fruit flies to the inside of your vehicle, mix together apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap in a small container. Put saran wrap over the top, then poke holes in it. The fruit flies will climb into the container but won’t be able to get back out.

9. Make Chrome Sparkle

If the chrome on your vehicle or tire rims is looking a little dull, spray it with a solution of equal parts water and vinegar. Wipe it down with a rag, then rinse with water.

10. Peel Off Bumper Stickers

If you no longer want a bumper sticker on your car, you can safely remove it by spraying the sticker with a generous amount of WD-40. After about 10 minutes or so, gently peel it off.

11. Eliminate Water Spots

Nothing ruins a good car wash like water spots when it dries. Use a microfiber cloth to dry your car after every wash and you won’t see any water spots.

12. Moisturize Your Leather

If your car has a leather interior, you want to keep it in the best shape possible. Use a cloth to wipe a small amount of Vaseline into the leather. This will keep it moisturized and prevent it from cracking or flaking.

13. Remove Rust

Would you believe that Coca Cola is so acidic, it will strip the rust right off your car? Kind of scary! Just pour some Coke over any rust, wait a little bit, then wipe it off. Repeat until all of the rust is gone.

14. Eliminate A Streaky Windshield

source: Indiatimes.com

If you don’t want your wipers to leave streaks on your windshield, simply wipe them down with a bit of rubbing alcohol.

15. Save Your Seats

source: Worldation

Children tend to spill food, drinks, and just about everything else when they’re sitting in their car seats. Protect the backseat of your vehicle by lying an old sheet or blanket underneath the car seats.

16. Protect Cup Holders

Protect your cup holders from crumbs and other sticky messes by lining them with silicone baking cups. How genius is that?!

17. DIY Garbage Can

source: Family Handyman 

Store all of your trash in one convenient place by using a plastic cereal container as a mini garbage can. That way, you can easily keep your vehicle clean, even when you’re on the run.

18. Coffee Filters

One of the best items to clean the interior of your car with? Coffee filters! They’re excellent for collecting dust, plus, they’re super cheap.