How To Clean The Bathtub More Easily

source: Today's Mama

When it comes to cleaning, we all have one chore that we absolutely despise doing. For some people, it’s cleaning toilets. For others, it’s dusting. And for me, it’s most definitely trying to scrub the grime and mildew from the bathtub. Not only is cleaning bathtubs tedious, but it’s also quite hard on your knees and back. However, with this simple solution, cleaning your bathtub won’t be such a chore after all.

According to the blog Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring, all you need to do is mix together equal parts of distilled vinegar and blue Dawn. Before mixing together, slightly heat the vinegar, then pour it into a spray bottle. After that’s done, pour in the blue Dawn and give the spray bottle a good shake. The solution will be a little thick, but this is normal. Simply spray the solution all around your bathtub and let it sit for about one hour. When the time’s up, just use water to rinse. No scrubbing required!

source: Geek Mom

Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring also explains that the winning combination of vinegar and blue Dawn can be used as a toilet cleaner, carpet spot cleaner, general surface and floor cleaner, and wood floor cleaner. Click here to read their other awesome cleaning tips!